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A.C.E. In Business
Infrastructural Design for DEBI-P

     Understanding how to use elements of Power is important to create Successful, Diverse, Healthy, Equitable, Proactive, Productive and Positive Experiences & Environments that are Truly Inclusive. Many times, these important aspects are what a lot of businesses and organizations miss and are not Intentionally Included within the Strategic Planning & Execution. A.C.E. Consulting helps to change this through Assessment, Consultation and Recommendations. 

     It is also important to know that Storytelling creates Community in businesses. By creating and implementing stories focused on your strengths and being Active on a Centralized Agreement and goal of Good, the Empowerment felt inside the CORE of the business and its employees, Transformational changes in the organization emerges as a unit. The agenda of doing good things is then felt and extended to your clients and your communities. Effective storytelling is an essential component of Branding for businesses that want to succeed and have long-standing business relationships. 

A.C.E. Assessment Services Provides
  • Assessment of Organization Composition

  • Assessment of Leader Positions & Positioning

  • Assessment of Leadership Styles

  • Assessments of DEI Initiatives in conjunction with Results Desired

  • Assessment of Responsibility & Accountability Measures

  • Assessment of All Communications within a Collective

  • Assessment on Issues of Power

  • Assessment of Media Messaging of DEI

A.C.E. Consultation ROIs 
Return On Investment 
from Assessing
Representations Of Inclusion With Power & Equity
  • Clear Vision & Insight on Organizational Challenges to DEI Initiatives

  • Suggestions for Organizational Enhancement

  • Recommendations to Improve Performances & Outcomes

  • Recommendations on Leadership Styles that are most conducive to Achieving DEI Initiatives

  • Recommendations on Issues of Power

  • Recommendations for Organizational Communication

  • Recommendations for Media Messaging of DEI

Business Meeting
Selected Leadership Affiliations
  • Professional Leadership Positions - 30+ Years

  • President, of NFP and FP organizations, Chair of Board - 28 years

  • Team Member, Illinois Leadership Academy

  • Member, University Leadership Education Committee

  • Organizing Committee Member and Presenter, Inclusive Lab Leaders Program of the 21st Century Scientists Initiative-Expertise: Inclusion and Leadership Development

  • Progressive Women’s Leadership Certification
    *Power Presentation Skills of Top Women Professionals 
    *Negotiating Skills: How to Ask for –and Get-What You Want 
    *Effective Communication skills for Professional Growth 
    *Techniques for Developing Your Leadership Style 
    *WLC 404 Elective-How to Increase Your Influence and Visibility

  • Invited Presenter, Beauty and the Beast Mode Leadership Symposium: Empowering Emerging Leaders to Level Up, presented on scholarly discoveries of Active Centralized Empowerment directed by Olympian Aja Evans, Chicago, sponsored by Under Armour, ION, February 2020

  • Member, Illinois Leadership Education Campus Collaborative (ILECC)

  • Member, University Faculty Advisory Committee Leadership Minor

  • Member, Board of Directors, Chicago Bulldog Media, Youth Writers, encourages young writers and authors to perform, literarily, while developing their leadership skills 

  • Chair, Accreditation Subcommittee

  • Chair, Public Relations Committee

  • Chair, Board of Directors, “Gullah Traveling Theatre,” Internationally and Nationally touring group that educates communities on the history of the Gullah-American influence 

I'm excited about working with you and discovering ways your Organization
can A.C.E. IT for Optimal DEI Performance !

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