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"Janice is a person with many high level achievements, a deep intellect, and a quick learner. She will be able to bring a wealth of talent and experience. I hasten to say also that Janice knows how to listen; she is accustomed to working with an audience, and being responsive to her audience, and she is not going to show up with preconceived ideas and try to impose them on others. Janice believes with her entire soul in the worth, dignity and potential of every human being. She has a strong work ethic, she has empathy, she is a great citizen of our academic community and whatever community she is working with at large, and you will find that she goes above and beyond your expectations in every respect." 

Samuel N Beshers, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Program Coordinator

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     Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. My name is Dr. Janice Marie Collins. I am a multi-gifted Human Conglomerate who believes and practices in giving back. I call myself a human conglomerate because I have been trained, educated and blessed with many skills and talents in a number of professions. I am an empowering motivational speaker, lyrical healing artist (stories and spoken word), Inclusion & Equity consultant and expert, media expert and consultant, college professor, president of a nonprofit and for profit company, musical artist, author, podcast producer and anchor, an international and national award-winning journalist, documentarian, writer, editor, reporter,

videojournalist, producer, and director (including multiple Emmy, AP, Best of Gannett awards). I am also a national award-winning and recognized scholar, researcher, professor, and social scientist. My work with Active Centralized Empowerment, an organizational design and critical pedagogy and praxis for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion with Power and Belonging has also received national recognition and awards. There are other positions, skills and talents, hence-the reason why I am a Human Conglomerate. I do each of them well with great aptitude, individually or in partnerships, and they all exist within me. With all of these talents, I am an effective leader as well as an awesome person to work with. I love collaborations and teamwork and I follow direction well. Although I have worked extremely hard, I did not become all of who I am alone. I have had wonderful people, experiences, challenges and lessons in my life that helped teach and guide me at every corner and I have God. I am because of them.

My Story

     Before I became an international and national multi-award winning journalist, documentarian, scholar, researcher and creative and before I became an expert, consultant and strategist on Leadership Development, Media and DEBI-P Initiatives, I was a military brat, born in Oklahoma and moved all around the world and country. My father is a retired Lt. Col. from the Army. My background as a “military brat” and a student-athlete for my entire life,  heightened, developed, and enhanced my belief and aptitude in diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, leadership and adaptability - as I moved almost every year and a half until the age of 14 and lived among diverse people and voices, respecting them all. Despite living in various states, I consider myself an East Coast native of Virginia where most of my American ancestors are from.

     I was a stand out student-athlete ever since I was a little girl - being the first female little league baseball player in the state of Kentucky because my sister took the last cheerleading spot on Fort Knox. I was a stand out athlete all through school and on the Peninsula of Virginia where I went to Bethel High School and was later named Female Athlete of the Year. What an honor. I attended Wake Forest University as a full-scholarship student-athlete and was inducted into the ACC Legends Hall of Fame representing Wake in 2015. I was and am honored. 

     I come from a long line of great educators, film makers, great people of service, and people who believed and worked for inclusion and equity. My father, Lt. Col. Clifton Collins, Sr. is a math genius and college professor. He attended college at the young age of 15. He also helped to save the ROTC programs in this nation by problem solving as a Budget Analyst. My mother worked full-time as a young woman while putting herself through college right after high school. She was brilliant. She was also very studious and taught me my first lessons in philosophy, english and math. On both sides of my family we are educated and gifted and we are always standing with arms wide open when it comes to welcoming people into our hearts, homes, and kitchens. We never meet a stranger.

      When I am not working, I spend as much time as I can fishing, camping, kayaking, horseback riding, eating plenty of seafood, laughing, working out and working on one of my ongoing creative projects or novels. I love to play chess, listen to and make music, play the guitar, read non-fiction books and cook delicious meals from scratch for guests, friends, and people I love or for my podcast, "Seasoned with Love." I also love to hear great stories and have engaging conversations with people. I lead two organizations, Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.) and World Changers Media International Foundation (WCMIF) to bring communities together. My nonprofit, World Changers Media International Foundation, works to aid underrepresented groups and communities through storytelling and other campaigns to help reach the SDG goals, gender equity and inclusion. My for profit is, of course, Active Centralized Empowerment, Inc. LLC where I work in the preparation for elevation of people, organizations, and communities.

      While I am strong, courageous and a Transformational Leader with great aptitude to do great things, I am a very humble person who knows who I work for and who works for me and my good when it comes to achievements and blessings. Fully employed with all benefits. I am also a nurturer, protector, encourager and go-getter full of empathy and compassion. I have been this way my entire life and I still am. I believe in a Higher Power of love, kindness, inclusion, fairness, justice and empowerment. I always put forth my very best in everything that I do and I live a life of love. I love succeeding. I love to see others succeed. I love children. I love teaching. I love people. I love laughing and storytelling, and I love all of my students over the past 20 years. I love to see and experience when others learn how great and important they are to the world. I am an everlasting optimist who believes that together we can all do Better and that there is a Rainbow behind every storm. Together we all can Aspire to Inspire - my motto in life and something that I try and live up to every single day by It ! 





















A Snapshot of My Other Life!

     As an international and national award-winning scholar, professor, researcher, journalist, documentarian, and humanitarian for social impact with more than 30 years of professional experience (in addition to nineteen years of higher academe), I am accomplished. I have won international and national awards, including multi-Emmy, Associated

Press, NABJ, AABJ and Best of Gannett awards for my writing, editing, producing, reporting, cinematography and directing. I have also held many professional leadership positions and enjoy collaboration and bringing teams together on one accord. Sending a shout out to all of my fellow teammates and coworkers over the many years. 
     In academia, my work has been recognized as a standard of excellence - as I was selected as the Inaugural Distinguished Scholar of Enhancing Excellence at Kansas University and one of the Top 50 Journalism Professors in the nation of 2012 by I was awarded the Baskett Mosse National Award for Faculty Development AEJMC 2017, and placed second for “Best in Digital,” AEJMC 2017, for my website of inclusion and diversity, I am a Kopenhaver Fellow and was selected as one of sixteen participants to attend the Poynter Diverse Voices workshop in 2017. Additionally, for 2 consecutive years, I won first place in Top Faculty Paper competition (quantitative and mixed methodologies) at the National Broadcast Educators Association Conference as, both, coauthor, and sole author. I am also proud to say that I have received national and international recognition in all the areas of assessment; research, creative endeavor, teaching and service, while working at one of the top-ranked universities in the nation, the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. All achieved with an element of A.C.E. involved. I also come from great storytellers and creatives that include Hollywood director, Lee Daniels.

     This is just a snap shot of an almost 40 page curriculum vitae. If you dare to know more, smiling, feel free to visit one of my other websites by clicking here or head directly to a copy of my CV by clicking here to learn more. I am an anomaly to some, phenomenal to others. I just consider myself a human conglomerate who wants to make the world a better place for all. I believe that everyone is a star and everyone has value. I believe that everyone can learn, everyone is teachable, and everyone is born with something special to gift to the world. I see myself as a facilitator in this process - allowing authenticity to emerge in a safe space. That is the only way we all will receive the beautiful organic gift that each person possesses.

Progressive Women’s Leadership Certification

​*Power Presentation Skills of  Top Women Professionals

*Negotiating Skills: How to Ask for –and Get-What You Want

*Effective Communication skills for Professional Growth

*Techniques for Developing Your Leadership Style

*WLC 404 Elective-How to Increase Your Influence and Visibility

Human Rights Consultant Certification-US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights

BlackBoard Certification for Digital Teaching


I look forward to working with you and Discover ways A.C.E. can help you reach Optimal Performance !

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And let's get started!

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