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A.C.E Consulting for Well-Being & NIL!
One-stop comprehensive advising that serves to strengthen your players,
your program and engagement with NIL.

     Active Centralized Empowerment (ACE) is an award-winning praxis and theory that I developed as a way and means for students, companies and individuals to reach their optimal performance by working from their authenticity, who they truly are inside. It is the best of Branding because everything is connected to the best part of an individual. In practice, ACE has been found to increase self-esteem, self-value, confidence performance, and critical thinking and leadership development within a collective. Even more exciting is that this all happens as a student excels academically. These skills can benefit every single student-athlete, with or without a NIL contract, as well as your organization. 

     In addition to using ACE, my advising involves a very special and unique vantage point that many others may not have - an insider perspective as a former elite student-athlete, award-winning university professor, scholar and researcher, and media expert. From my areas of expertise and lived-experience, I am able to review and give a comprehensive assessment and strategic planning for the students’ overall well-being. 

     I work to bring all of the involved voices together as a single, centralized point of advising focused on the ability and capacity of the student-athlete to perform and succeed. Effective storytelling is essential to Branding because it creates community. this means that who you are as a student-athlete, the best you, can connect with appropriate communities and provide long-lasting effects. This is good for you, the community, and your organization and future business endeavors. 


A.C.E. Consultation ROIs 
Return On Investment 
from Assessing
Representations Of Inclusion With Power & Equity

  • Identifying the Core of the student-athlete, their authenticity, dreams, present-future goals, strengths, weaknesses, problems, fears, talents, skills, gifts, legacy.  

  • Periodic status reports on the academic, athletic, and NIL development of each student-athlete should be given to an assigned athletic administrator in the athletic department. 

  • Coaches will be provided OnDemand educational sessions on how to navigate the balance of power dynamics. 

  • NIL student-athletes enrolled in business, financial literacy, and public relations classes. 

  • Tutorials and workshops for Student-Athletes on working with the Media. This professional training and advising includes interviewing skills and how to remain true to their brand when engaging traditional and social media. 

  • Establish a relationship and line of communication with Promotions, Marketing and Social Media units on and off campus.

  • Establish a relationship and line of communication with Academic Advisors, Coaches and Athletic units and personnel. 

  • Time management, health and well-being are extremely important to student-athletes. Falling behind or not feeling valued can lead to disastrous outcomes. In many of these instances, there are warning signs that are just missed. We want to be on top of this and ahead of this, so, these areas will also be a part of the advising program via one on one conferencing assessments. 

  • Counseling sessions for the student-athletes’ families, collectively, to help with adjusting to and the managing of NIL developments and rewards for the student-athlete and within the family and the community.

If you care to have a conversation to discuss my services further, please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email. I am wishing you and all of your student-athletes great Success! 

Email me to set up Consultations & Faculty Development Workshops at

or call me at (773) 914-0473

or Fax me at (217) 727-6084

Or head directly to my Pricing Page

I Look Forward to Speaking and Working with You and It !


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