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     An interviewer once asked me, "If you could only instill one lesson in all of your students, what would it be?" My response was that there is something wonderful, special, and unique that only THEY can offer the world. They were born with it…inside of them. Their job is to try and enjoy this journey called life as they seek to discover just what this special contribution is and then share it with the world!  

     Every day provides a great experience for me. I love working alongside other educators who are some of the best in the industry and profession. I love working with colleagues across campuses and disciplines who are the very best in their fields of study and research. One of my favorite experiences no matter where I have taught or the grade level is the pride that I feel for each and every student when I look at how they have developed, and how far they have come, at the end of our time together. Because of all that I have accomplished and because students do their homework on researching a professor's credentials, many of my students begin with uncertainty and nervousness about their abilities and whether or not they will even succeed in my classes. However, this feeling soon turns into excitement! Through hard work, trusting me, and trusting themselves, they end up accomplishing things they didn’t think they could achieve initially and I am ALWAYS proud of them and the work that they do. I am PROUD that they accepted the challenge my classes present and, at the end of each and every semester, to see the pride that they have in themselves and their ability to not only be better storytellers but more effective leaders and collaborators are truly special moments. Each and every semester over 20 years, I get to witness students take flight, confidently soaring onto the next challenge or adventure with pride because they have learned. These are the moments that a professor looks for, and hopes for, and I have the distinct pleasure of having these experiences each and every semester over and over and over again. I am truly blessed.

     The resource book I wrote and published, Teaching without Borders: Creating Equity and Inclusion through Active Centralized Empowerment, provides educators with theories and conceptual tools, and strategies that can be used to de-marginalize. The text introduces readers to Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.), a critical pedagogy, paradigm, and praxis that allows educators to create a classroom environment where all voices can be included and valued, and each student has an equal opportunity to excel.

     This critical pedagogy reflects the idea that every student can learn something new and can be better and more effective when it comes to strategies of inclusion with power. It recognizes students as humans first and demonstrates how their unique attributes and strengths can be leveraged to help them move from the margins. This unique and powerful methodology can be modified for the purposes of each educator and all levels of education, from elementary to university, across all disciplines. Designed to help educators create equity within the classroom, Teaching without Borders is an exemplary resource for programs in education.

     Teaching Without Borders with Active Centralized Empowerment means addressing and removing walls that are counterproductive to achieving a fully inclusive environment and Optimal Performance, Achievements, and Results. This critical pedagogy is used to bring out the best in students, teachers, and learning spaces! Unlike the traditional way of teaching, this critical pedagogy is specifically designed to empower all students to be more inclusive, including students in the majority.  Constructs such as race, gender, sex, physically special, and economic backgrounds that can be used as borders that deter and block conversations, and oppress students’ voices, existence, and experiences, are transformed into value aspects.

     As a result, the A.C.E. classroom becomes a flowing, learning space of self-value and self-agency with inclusionary practices of power within a collective. It is learning in an environment of diverse people, opinions, and voices without being marginalized and where the authentic Self is appreciated, welcomed, included, and respected. It is teaching the Human Being who happens to be a student, and the teacher who happens to be Human, and learning and succeeding together. Tested, used, and developed over 18 years, A.C.E. is an enjoyable, innovative, and involved way to teach students across grade levels and across subjects and disciplines. Real-life experiences are viewed as an important part of a person's knowledge bank and cross-cultural competency.

      A.C.E., intrinsically, enhances diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion with power (versus tokenism) within the design of courses and curricula. Students from the margins as well as students found in the “majority” feel more included, more empathetic and compassionate towards the life experiences of others, and more competent and confident about facing and transforming the harsh realities of not being inclusive and not feeling as if they belong or have value. It is also important to know that Storytelling is a big part of creating Community, even in learning spaces. By creating and implementing stories focused on the strengths of diverse opinions, for instance, and being Active on a Centralized Agreement and goal of Good, the Empowerment felt inside the CORE of the learning space and its members, enables Transformational changes in your class as an emerging unit. A great example of this is watching how a newscast is put together and delivered, or how doctors work in an operating room, or construction workers build a structure. Everyone is different in some way, but, together, they find ways of working together towards a common goal of achieving something positive, productive, and proactive. 

      To learn more about how it all works in the classroom, use the link on this page to get your copy today and get a step-by-step understanding of the tools that work for DEBI-P! You can also check out an example of A.C.E. in practice by visiting my national award-winning website of inclusion called Take a look!

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“Dr. Collins is a forward thinking educator who always puts her students first. She provides a safe space for students of all walks of life to share their ideas, opinions and various world views. What makes her unique compared to some other professors that I’ve worked under is her dedication, passion, candor and care. When you step into her classroom, you’re not just getting a lesson plan. You are afforded teachings based on her real life experiences. She challenges her students to be their very best, and everyday gives it her all to ensure the young adults she’s instructing will be able to thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Dr. Collins is a true blessing to academia, and I feel so thankful to call her my former professor.” -Samantha Chatman, ABC 7 Chicago, Former Student

"During my time as a student in Dr. Collins’s class, she fostered an environment of inclusion and diversity. Students were always encouraged to express their unique experiences and how they related to the coursework. As a Black, queer student attending a PWI and studying Broadcast Journalism, it was
sometimes intimidating to interact with professors/students about a career that is dominated by White, straight males. As I began to express these concerns to Dr. Collins, she empowered me and always reminded me that I was just as worthy of a career as anyone else. Dr. Collins always led by example and reminded students that regardless of your upbringing/past traumas, you are fully capable of fostering a successful career and achieving your goals. I am very grateful to have been a student of hers twice and I would highly recommend her as an instructor." -Darvon Fultz, Former Student


"Dr. Collins’ classes encourage personal growth. She is the teacher who helped me find my voice as a person and as a journalist. Not only does she push her students to make sure we have the experience necessary for the real world, she does so with so much love. You can tell she cares deeply about each and every student in her classroom. She wants each person to know that what they have to say matters and is important. She empowers each of us to be the best versions of ourselves, which allows us to have confidence in our work. She also teaches students how important it is to bring a voice to those from marginalized backgrounds. Dr Collins cultivated a feeling that our class was a family. While I wish there were as many warm and compassionate people helping us reach our goals and potential in the real world, I am beyond grateful to have had the experience I had learning from an incredible person-Dr Collins." -Angela Kerndl, Former Student

"Dr. Janice Collins is a consummate educator, mentor, author, and journalist. As a former student of Dr. Collins, I had the distinct opportunity to learn from her both in the classroom and in a hands-on television newsroom setting. Dr. Collins empowers her students to think globally, critically, and empathetically. Her methods encouraged me to be curious, thoughtful, and authentic in my educational and professional pursuits. Dr. Collins has the unique ability to meet people where they are and inspire them to want to live and lead with their full potential." - Zach Nugent, Former Student

"I had the best experience in Dr. Collins’ class during the second semester of my junior year. Dr. Collins is so different from any other professor I had at Illinois. She makes you feel special - loved - supported and most importantly, celebrated. She started every class playing feel-good music. College is hard. I was always stressed. But Dr. Collins empowered me and helped me feel at ease — like I could handle anything thrown my way. Dr. Collins values every single student and their unique perspective. She encouraged each of us to bring our authentic self to class. She cared for us as people; not just as students. In turn, our class was tight-knit. We had each other’s backs when it came to projects and assignments. We trusted each other, and we weren’t afraid to be vulnerable. I truly can’t say enough good things about Dr. Collins. She wants all of her students to succeed… not just in her journalism class but in the world, and that’s very hard to find when you go to a big university. Thank you, Dr. Collins, for everything! I will never forget your class and how you made me feel." - Olivia Schmitt

"Dr. Janice Collins's Active Centralized Empowerment (ACE) program informs, inspires, and equips participants to engage in necessary conversations concerning diversity, equity and inclusion.  Drawing on her own lived experience and academic expertise, Dr. Collins provides faculty with pedagogical tools that facilitate learning environments free from marginalization, which, in turn, promote leadership development in students and encourages systemic institutional change. Thank you, Dr. Collins, for bringing ACE to Eastern Illinois University!"

Dr. Dagni Bredesen, 
Professor Emeritus and former director of Faculty Development, Eastern Illinois University

You can find more testimonials from students and their experiences in an A.C.E. learning environment across disciplines as well as view the results of the de-marginalization process in the classroom by reading their reflections on the Teaching Without Borders website. This website works in partnership with my Faculty Resource book publication, Teaching without Borders: Creating Equity and Inclusion through Active Centralized Empowerment. This faculty resource book helps educators prepare students to succeed and lead in a diverse, multicultural world and in inclusionary ways with empowerment and effective Transformational leadership, communication and collaboration skills. I am pleased to see how others are using A.C.E. and learning from my textbook, across disciplines, campuses, and nations. No child should be left behind, in the corners or in the margins. 

A.C.E. ROIs 
Return On Investment   
Representations Of Inclusion

  1. Critical Thinking on Multiple Levels

  2. The Formation of an Operational think tank that De-Marginalizes each Participant

  3. Human Ecosystem of Diversity, Equity, Belonging, Inclusion with Power through Experiential Learning

  4. Self-Empowerment through Shared Power Distribution & Self-Agency from Authenticity

  5. Accountability and Responsibility

  6. Leadership & Managerial Development Skills - Resonant, Transactional and Transformation and others

  7. Each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy used

  8. Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence used Actively and Fairly

  9. Collaborative Learning and Teaching among peers as well as between teacher and students

  10. Anti-Bullying Policies & Safeguards

  11. Integrative & Active Learning as well as Flipping the Classroom Strategies

  12. Increase in Self-Esteem and Confidence Performance

  13. Outspoken & Included Voices of Value

  14. Learning to address the human being who happens to be a student or the professor 

  15. SEL Competencies & Enhancement

  16. Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Communication Skills

  17. Respect for Diversity

  18. Empathy & Compassion through Understanding

  19. Erasing Shame through Self-Accountability

  20. Collaboration over Competition

  21. Courage

  22. Belonging & a Sense of Purpose

  23. Practicing Inclusion with Power

  24. Those taught in an A.C.E. environment or enrolled in the A.C.E. Short Course or program will be able to say that they have been educated in and have practiced DEBI initiatives

  25. Problem-Solving Social Justice Inequities through Understanding, Abstract & Pragmatic Conceptualization and Application

  26. Respect & Inclusion of Cross-Cultural Competency & Intersectionality

  27. Active Learning from Role Playing and Role Modeling

  28. Building and Sustaining a Safe Specialized Human Ecosystem to Bring Human Kindness & Positive Transformational Changes

  29. Respect & Understanding of Mental and Emotional Challenges

  30. Fully-Inclusive where no one is left in the Margins

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share A.C.E. with other Educators.

A.C.E. becomes better with you.

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