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A.C.E. Badge Certification Workshops


"The way Janice promotes diversity, and the way she will promote diversity at Harvard, is to empower every person and let them have a voice, to find the ways they can contribute, and to promote leadership in every person. Every person in an organization cannot be the leader, but everyone can lead in developing the practices and culture that help the organization to be most productive and effective. These practices, as I said before, are rooted in scholarship: in organizational behavior, in studies of leadership, strategy, power dynamics, communications and developmental psychology, integrated in ways that help the organization, but also allow individuals to find their spaces and opportunities within the organization, and to develop good relations with others in the organization. Her practices are also rooted in her core values of openness, and acceptance of others." 

Samuel N Beshers, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Program Coordinator

Want to learn more about A.C.E. and how to use it to reach your goals? It's easy! Let's get you Certified! Just sign up for one or more of the Badge Certifications and you're on your way!

As you succeed in earning the Badges in sequence, you will automatically receive a discount on your enrollment into the Full Licensing Program.

The Full Licensing Program is one full year and upon completion you will be able to instruct and train others on how to use A.C.E. as a certified partner!

You will also be listed as a Cohort in the A.C.E. organization and listed in our Directory!

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Order your First Edition Playbook of Success

Teaching Without Borders 

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Registration for Courses in the A.C.E. Online Program for DEI-P Courses are divided by Audience - Education (Educators-formally or informally), STEM, Journalism and Storytelling, Business/Organizations, Healthcare Services, and Community.

The Student Course stands alone and is for 8 classes.


The sequence of courses for all other participants other than Students are as follows:

Introduction-Blue Badge

Level 1 - Bronze Badge 

Level 2 - Silver Badge

Level 3 - Gold Badge


You may sign up for as many courses as you'd like, but you must complete each course in sequence if you would like to eventually enroll into my Licensing Program for A.C. E. Facilitator.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you!



Introduction to A.C.E.
Blue Badge

Focused on Understanding the Basics
Online 4-Week Short Course/8 Classes
(1) 3-Minute Vlogs & Blog Participation


Level 1 A.C.E. 
Bronze Badge


Focused on Understanding & Applying the Basics
Online 8
-Week Short Course (ex Holidays)/16 Classes
Group Discussions/Reflections/Application

(3) 5-Minute Vlogs & Blog Participation

Level 2 A.C.E.
Silver Badge


Understanding & Applying the Strategies
Recording & Group Feedback

-Week Online Course (ex Holidays) 24 Classes

(2) 5-Minute Vlogs & Blog Participation

Level 3 A.C.E.
Gold Badge


Understanding & Applying Strategies
Recording & Professor Assessment and Evaluation of Position Performance Evaluation (optional)

-Week Online Course (with Holidays)/ 32 Classes

(1) 5-Minute Vlogs & Blog Participation
Written 8 Page Response Paper

Student A.C.E. Badge


Focused on Understanding & Applying the Basics
Online 4
-Week Short Course (ex Holidays)/8 Classes
Group Discussions/Reflections/Application

(1) 5-Minute Vlogs & Blog Participation

*Textbook Purchase is Required for all Courses

At the Conclusion of this Program, you will:

  • Understand the theory and Applied Science behind Active Centralized Empowerment for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion with Power and Belonging.

  • Have the ability and confidence to create and transform any environment into an A.C.E. environment using specific strategies, syllabi or organizational designs.

  • Have the ability to "read a room" to assess what elements are missing that are prohibiting DEI-P representations and which A.C.E. strategies will help individuals and organizations move closer to reaching Optimal Results and Performances.

  • Feel Empowered to make change and enhancements!

 The instruction of A.C.E. integrates evidence-based methods with scalable coaching strategies and real-life experiences from cultural relatability to help you transform your area of focus as well as enhance individual learning and working experiences within a collective. The approach is holistic, inclusive and personalized to create meaningful change. Not only will your working and learning environment change, you will be changed through continued positive support and enhancement for the duration of time that we work Together. 


Here's some more Great News! Research studies have found that workplace and learning spaces strong in DEI-P and Belonging have been linked to increased productivity, increases in emotional-wellbeing and so many other benefits.

I am looking forward to working with you in this Win-Win scenario!    

To Register for the Course/s and Get Started on IT
Enrollment is Limited to Secure Your Seat Today!

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I Look Forward to Working with You and It !

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